It seems that everyone is talking about “Drones” these days.  Barely a day goes by without a story in the newspaper of someone flying their new toy in front of a landing jetliner at Heathrow – or over the heads of 30,00o people in a football stadium.  Whilst no-one wants to spoil anyone having fun, it does seem very galling for those of us in the professional Aerial Filming industry to watch people flying in all sorts of illegal /dangerous / stupid places and getting away with it.  So I’d be lying if I said there wasn’t a certain satisfaction in the CAA and Police at last going being little more aggressive in pursuing offenders.

What’s a shame is that whilst some of the population see the benefits of UAVs – a growing section are being prompted to fear them as a threat to safety and privacy.   We probably can’t stop the tabloid headline writers from making the most of a good story, but we can perhaps hope that sense will prevail in the minds of the unregulated hobbyists pilots, that it’s in all our interests for them to obey the law, fly safely and avoid creating anymore scare stories in the newspapers.

Ah - but does he have CAA Permission for Aerial Work?

Ah – but does he have CAA Permission for Aerial Work?

Drones can be perfectly safe if they’re are looked after and the operators follow an approved  safe working practice – as we do here at HellyTelly.   Even if things do go wrong – safe working procedures allow you to recover or deal with the situation in a way that makes sure no-one is injured and property isn’t damaged.   That’s why the rules exist and why people like us who fly professionally have to go through a strict examination and approval process.

So if you know someone who’s got a Quadcopter or some other flying device for Christmas (flying sleighs and reindeer excepted of course) – encourage them to do a little bit of reading and stay safe in 2015!