How does it work?
If you have a project that could use one of our UAVs, just email or phone so we can talk through the project with you.  We can advise on practical issues and help resolve any potential problems.  We have years of broadcast location filming experience, so we know what the common issues are.  If you decide you’d like to go ahead,  we’ll do a site recce; speak to local Air Traffic Controllers (if necessary); produce a risk assessment and help sort out all the important pre-shoot details.   After the shoot, we can provide rushes in a variety of forms, or we can edit them for you and provide you with a ready to use sequence if that’s what you want.   We also offer ground filming, and we have extensive lighting and sound kit and can offer Canon C300, Sony PMW or 4K shooting with the Sony FS7.   So if you want a day’s filming, we can spend part of the day shooting aerials and the rest of the day filming (eg) interviews and B roll.  The choice is all yours.

How much does it cost?
Maybe a lot less than you think!  We aim to be REALLY competitive.  We’re a boutique production unit with all our own location filming and flying gear – so our overheads are low, and there are generally no 3rd party rental costs involved. We can also suggest ways of sharing costs which can make it cheaper for your production. Give us a call to discuss!

Can you fly anywhere?
We follow the generally common safety standards for UAV filming, many of which are set in law in the UK by the Civil Aviation Authority.    There are limits on windspeed, and working near what the CAA calls “congested areas” has restrictions. We can explain all that when we talk your project through. We will ALWAYS operate with safety as our priority even if that sometimes means making compromises.

We’re also increasingly finding we’re filming our smaller drones inside offices, factories and laboratories. There are a few caveats which make it rather different from flying outside – but it can be done safely with the right preparation.

Is it safe?
There are inherent dangers in any powered flying. A great deal of our training and licencing to fly is concerned with the safe operation of our UAVs. We have a comprehensive operations manual which sets out our methods of working – and that is inspected by representatives of the CAA who only give us permission to fly when they’re satisfied with how we operate. We will discuss safety with you, and provide a risk assessment for each location. We also have comprehensive insurance, and we can send you those documents if required.

Is it noisy?
UAVs sound a bit like a small electric hover mower – and we’ve flown them with horses, cats, dogs and even seagulls in close proximity – and they mostly just ignore us. If you want to record sound, for example – for a presenter piece-to-camera, there are ways of doing that – but speak to us first as it’s not entirely straightforward!