Our equipment includes:

DJI Phantom 3 Pro with:
• 4K camera with f/2.8 94⁰ fov lens
• highly stable camera gimbal
• optical/ultrasonic positioning inside buildings
• up to 20 minute flights times per battery
• HD wireless camera link

Droidworx Skyjib 8 v1 airframe with:
• DJI Wookong WKM Flight Controller (firmware v5.2)
• DJI iOSD telemetry to track altitude and flight voltages etc
• 2 x 5.8GHz on-board Video transmitters for the payload camera and pilot’s forward facing PoV camera plus telemetry)
• 8 x AXI 4120/20 Brushless motors
• 8 x Hobbywing 60A Opto ESC
• Vulcan Power 400A Power Distribution Board
• 8 x Xoar 13×6.5 PJN Props
• 8 x APC 13×6.5 Props
• 8 x APC 15×4 Props
• JR RD921 2.4GHz Receiver with 2 x satellite receivers
• Collapsible mast for the GPS/Compass
• 16Ah LiPo flight packs (and portable generator to recharge and keep flying all day)
• Spektrum DX9 and DX8 transmitters for pilot and camera control

Camera Mount Gimbal:
Custom-built 3-axis brushless gimbal for large cameras such as our supper 35mm sensor Canon C300.   Stabilisation is via a dual accelerometer 32-bit  Alex Mos controller.
Could be set up for Red Epics and similar, subject only to a maximum 15Kg take-off weight.

DJI S1000 Premium Edition Octocopter with:
• DJI Wookong-M Flight control system
• DJI ZenMuse GH3/GH4 gimbal
• Futaba TS14G frequency hopping radio for flight control
• Spektrum AR8000 receiver for camera control
• DJI iOSD for pilot telemetry (altitude / flight power levels etc)
• Spektrum DX6 gimbal control transmitter
• DJI 5.8Ghz video links
• Retractable undercarriage for 360 degree pans
• Extended flight times up to 15 minutes

We also have a 4 stroke 1.2Kw generator for charging batteries (and production cell phones!) on location if needed. So we can keep freshly charged batteries coming all day…