We’re working on a new website. Honestly.

It feels a bit like when your mother used to tell you to tidy your bedroom – you knew you’d have to do it one day, and that the longer you left it, the harder it would be.

The trouble is we’ve had so many toys to play with.  Favourite has been a DJI Ronin gimbal which is so much easier to use than my old Steadicam.  God bless Garrett Brown for inventing it – but Gimbals are a heck of a lot less fuss and do an awful lot of what Steadicams can do.  There’s a new Ronin lightweight gimbal just out, so it will be interesting to see how that takes off. (pun intended).

Anyway, we’ve started now – please bear with us while we dust the cobwebs out of the web pages and tidy some of our mess away. We promise to keep everything clean and tidy from now on. (How many times have we promised that?)

Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon and see how far we’ve got!