Bear with sore headOur number one priority is operating safely.  We follow a strict operating procedure that enables us to hold the CAA’s “Permission for Commercial Operation” or PfCO as it’s known.  Our pilots have passed the BNUC-S LUASS operators exam – and our airframes are also examined in a flying test to demonstrate that they are robust enough to fly safely and can operate an automatic ‘return and land’ function if anything goes wrong with the control link.

For each job we will discuss the parameters of the project with you; carry out an on-site recce and produce a comprehensive risk assessment.  We hold full Public Liability Insurance up to £5 million which covers all our flying operations.

Our team has extensive broadcast safety training and we regularly review our operating procedures to evaluate safety issues.   Even when there are challenges to safe working, with the right planning and preparation, we can often find ways to get you the great pictures you need.