Recent Video

OK – so we’re getting a bit behind on our website.  This page is definitely looking dated as all these examples come from a few years ago and are pre-4K shooting on some of the older airframes we no longer use.   One day soon we will get round to updating it.  Honest…  (Though at least it shows we have some history!)

Little Morton Hall:  This is a spectacular National Trust property, still going strong after 500 years, despite it’s rather eccentric lines!  It’s just outside Congleton in Cheshire, and looks great from the air – even on a dull day! Shot in 4K on a GH4 with a cinegamma and down-converted to HD.


Don Broco: Bedford Kerrang band Don Broco made this video for their forthcoming album “Automatic”. Produced by Chief Productions in Manchester – we filmed the aerials on an appallingly wet day which almost had us grounded!

Popcorn Commercial: A commercial for Butterkist Popcorn with a roof-level lifting end shot. It might have been more traditionally shot on a tall cherry picker or crane – but a Drone made it cheaper and simpler.

Styal Woods: This sequence shows how a flying camera can achieve crane shots in places where a crane wouldn’t normally go, or where it wouldn’t be safe to rig on uneven, soft ground.  It’s an example of where low drifting moves have more drama than the high altitude shots.  Height (like size!) isn’t everything…

Class of 92 / Hotel Football:  We filmed the aerials for this Chief Productions Video with some famous Man United faces that you might just recognise. Shot in tricky conditions, the safety considerations were high up on the list that day.