The aim of this page is to (eventually!) hold a collection of weather resources to help check on the weather for your UAV/Drone filming date.

One site we like is here – It collects data from various UK Airports and supplies the data in a an easily readable form.  Each airport or military airfield publishes what’s known as a “TAF” – “Terminal Area Forecast” and gives you a localised and pretty accurate idea of what weather is coming.

For UAV / SUAS filming, you ideally want wind that’s under about 20 mph – though we’ve successfully flown in much higher wind strengths.  Modern gimbals cope unbelievably well  – delivering stable pictures in quite gusty conditions.  Rain can be more of a problem: apart from not being good for the electronics,  flying a camera in the rain is like riding a motorbike in the rain. The camera lens gets covered in high-speed water droplets and generally that’s not conducive to good video!

Having said that – we have done jobs where we’ve been able to rush out, take off and grab a quick shot in between showers, so rain isn’t necessarily a total no-no. Plus, we’ve found in the past that despite a poor forecast, the local conditions were totally different when we got to the location.   I gather some people rely on pig spleens for their forecasting – but I think we’ll stick with the Met office for now.

Meanwhile back at base…